Friday, October 8, 2010

Headphones make noises in head!

How drunk and/or high were you that you thought that the noises coming out of your computer were coming from your earbuds?

You know those little plastic things you stick in your ears that make sounds when you plug them into your computer? Remember how they sound different from the tinny speakers on your laptop? Yeah. Thought so.

So, let's review:

The first clue ought to have been: no sound from your earbuds.
The second clue ought to have been: the way the sound seemed to echo all around you.
The third clue ought to have been: everyone staring at you angrily.

When I had to come over and tell you to turn your music off: that wasn't a clue. That was just irritating. And you had a calculator with you. Not smart. Clearly you don't know the title of this blog.

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