Sunday, April 18, 2010


I pull a chair from another table and sit down between a guy studying sec reg and a girl reading something bio-related. I turn to the girl and politely ask if I can plug in my laptop, and she looks down, and says I can't because the outlet is directly under where she is sitting. Sorry.

wtf? Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics, gtfo.


  1. just plug that shit in anyways

  2. "Something bio related" does not equal Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics. She is at least a 3rd year medical student and has been in school just as long or longer than you and probably worked twice as hard. She is probably more ENTITLED to that outlet than you.

  3. She could be a 4th year MD/PhD for all I care-- she doesn't have to be obnoxious about taking up space in the LAW SCHOOL reading room. Being in med school does not entitle you to anything. Except maybe that white coat thing.

  4. God, I hope you're joking. If not... a few things:

    1. pretty sure pediatrics is "bio-related"
    2. MS3 year excluded, good luck arguing that law school is easier than med school
    3. doubt that length of time in school correlates with anything
    4. I missed the part where getting your MD gets you any outlet you want - is that an MS4 elective?
    5. if this person is a med student they do not speak on behalf of the vast majority of well-adjusted med students out there