Sunday, April 18, 2010

Who do you think you're fooling?

Last year I was in the law student section of the extremely crowded Reading Room, after it had been cordoned off. To my surprise, there was a group of 4 students with calculators and math textbooks at my table with me. Each of them had a volume of the Federal Tax Regulations from the 1980s opened and to the side of their work. Apparently they thought this was the best way to fool people into thinking they were law students. The only time I saw them use those books was as pillows.

Real law students need to use this space. You don't belong here, so GTFO!


  1. the bro sitting across from me wearing a giant gold crucifix necklace and a t-shirt that says "all men are players, not everybody scores" (with a rooster on it, natch) has a michigan reporter out from 1913. the paperback textbook that he's actually reading says "ECONOMICS IN ACTION!!!!!"

    oh wait! now he's taking photos of the reading room with his blackberry. probably to send to his mom. "look ma! i'm studyin'!"

  2. Last semester the undergrads refused to leave our side when the RR staff asked them to, so security actually came over and made them leave. <3 one of the best moments of my RR experience.

  3. vituperative, bruns and intern otherwise known as loser,

    sit on your thumbs!