Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Reading Room is Arizona and You are the Undocumented

We the Law School Militia exercise the right, pursuant to Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution, to protect our Reading Room from undergrad invasions.

Those who desire to enter the land of plentiful table space will be required to present proper papers:
- Law School ID
- Transcripts and FAFSA records
- Knowledge of case law English

We reserve the right to search and question those who we reasonably suspect to have crossed the velvet rope border illegally. Reasonableness is defined as the ordinary law student standard. Suspicious status will be determined by, but is not limited to, books, fraternity/sorority gear, attire and shoes.

If we have probable cause to believe you are in violation of these requirements, you will be removable.


[GTFO-undergrads is a joke, but SB1070 is not. Here is a list of 5 actions you can take immediately to voice your opposition to the law, including signing this Petition. Read ongoing commentary at Immigration Law Prof Blog]

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  1. 1. Thanks for including the petition link.
    2. "Reasonableness is defined as the ordinary law student standard." -- that's pretty permissive any time, but especially now!